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Difference between a Web server and an application server November 2, 2006

Posted by Allu in J2EE.

In general, an application server prepares data for a Web server — for example, gathering data from databases, applying relevant business rules, processing security checks, and/or storing the state of a user’s session. The term application server may be misleading since the functionality isn’t limited to applications. Its role is more as retriever and manager of data and processes used by anything running on a Web server. In the coming age of Web services, application servers will probably have an even more important role in managing service oriented components. One of the reasons for using an application server is to improve performance by off-loading tasks from a Web server. When heavy traffic has more users, more transactions, more data, and more security checks then more likely a Web server becomes a bottleneck.


1. Amit Singh,Pune - December 25, 2006

App server consist web server
what it means?
app server supports to the web server

2. Amit Singh,Pune - December 25, 2006

I think for listening HTTP request app server uses web server rest is managed by app server.

3. sampath - June 3, 2008

Could you please send some more differences between application server and web server?

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