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Differences between normal Beans and EJBs? October 12, 2006

Posted by Allu in J2EE, JAVA.

JavaBeans may be visible or nonvisibleat runtime. For example, the visual GUI component may be a button, list box, graphic, or a chart

An EJB is a nonvisual, remote object

Java Beans are intended to be local to a single process and are primarily intended to run on the client side. Although one can deevelop server-side JavaBeans, it is far easier to develop them usin the EJB specification instead.

EJBs are remotely executable components or business objects that can be deployed only on the server

JavaBeans is a component technology to create generic java component that can be composed together into applets and applications

Even though EJB is a component technology, it neither builds upon nor extends the original javaBeans specification.

Java Bean have an external interface called the properties interface, which allows a builder tool to interpret the functionality of the bean

EJBs have a deployment descriptor that describes its functionality to an exteternal builder tool or IDE




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