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Why String class is immutable? August 16, 2006

Posted by Allu in JAVA.

JVM internally maintains the “String Pool”. To achive the memory
efficiency, JVM will refer the String object from pool. It will not
create the new String objects. So, whenevr you create a new string
literal, JVM will check in the pool whether it already exists or not.
If already present in the pool, just give the reference to the same
object or create the new object in the pool. There will be many
references point to the same String objects, if someone changes the
value, it will affect all the references. So, sun decided to make it



1. kumar - December 14, 2007

Can you explain why the String class is final?

2. Tirthi - February 2, 2012

can u please explain with some more solid reasons with some real time examples why string is immutable in java?

gorityala ramana - September 25, 2012

SUB CLASS IMPLEMENT THE SUPER CLASS (String) method ,String methods are overridden,to avoid this problem string is declared as final

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